Cory-Wright, Lieutenant Jonathan Francis (1925-1945)
by Christopher Horne

CORY-WRIGHT – Lieutenant John Francis

(19 March 1925 – 9 April 1945)

The following appreciation appeared in the Eton College Chronicle and was written by Francis Dashwood, and sent from Mauritius.

The news of Jonathan Cory-Wright’s death in action has reached me over 3000 miles from England. It is a loss and a tragedy, which will be deeply felt by many, by all who knew him, and admired him for his fine character and generous nature. He was one of those exceptional boys, who took from Eton the best that it had to give, and gave back in equal measure. He was in the eleven for three years, and eventually became vice – captain in 1943, and office which he filled with skill and popularity. He had his Fives and Squash choices and was a prominent member of his house side in which he played with zest and spirit. He as also a member of the Eton Society and captain of his house. But the memories of him, which will always last and remain a joy to all who knew him were of his cheerfulness and honesty and high ideals, for which he was generally admired. In fact he was one of the greatest of his generation. It is a great misfortune that war, with all its cruelties, should always claim the best, but those who remain, will this time seek a world such as those who gave their lives for their country and for mankind would have wanted. I would like to add that I and all Jonathan’s friends deeply sympathise with his parents and relations. His loss will be felt equally keenly by all and his character and conduct will remain as an example for all future generations to aspire to and to follow.