1 June 1918 v Eton College

The School won the toss and went in, Low and Sismey opening the innings to the bowling of Wigan and Hoare. Sismey was quickly dismissed by Hoare and Low followed soon after. However Shirley and Brand made a good start for the second wicket and put on 54 runs before Brand was caught by Brocklebank. After lunch Shirley and Boden continued the innings, both of them hitting out well. Shirley ran out to a slow ball of Wilson’s missed and was stumped after playing a good innings of 55 and only being missed once. Boden was bowled by Wigan, after making useful 38. Nobody else made any runs except Yorke who made 44 in a very short time and raised the score to 200.

Wilson and Barker were the most successful bowlers for the Ramblers the latter taking 3 for 38 and the former 4 for 56.

Colman and Mr Lyttelton opened the Ramblers’ innings; Mr Lyttelton being caught out by a very fine catch of Holland-Martin’s. Wickets fell quickly, and it looked like an easy win for the School when they had 8 wickets down for 123, Wilson and Brocklebank both being out after a dangerous partnership which put on 50 runs but Williams and Lord Hawke played steady cricket until seven minutes before time, when Lord Hawke was out to Gore after an invaluable innings of 21. However, Lord Harris stayed until stumps were drawn.

For the School, Gore bowled well, and followed up his p[revious successes by taking five wickets for 35 runs. The School fielding was distinctly bad towards the end, and several catches were missed.
(From the Eton College Chronicle)