13 May 2017 v I Zingari (report by Andrew Carroll)

Another fine instalment of the Ramblers vs IZ at Torry Hill.  On a blustery but sunny day the Ramblers were put into bat and were duly tested by some tight IZ bowling.  Unfortunately a handful of un-named “turncoat” IZ’ers ignored the Rambler Skipper protestations that fellow Rambler IZ bowlers should at least proffer a couple of half volleys per over and certainly not bowl at the stumps!  The Ramblers made heavy weather of the batting an snuck to the mid 100’s thanks largely to an excellent innings by Jack Halstead.

Fergus Boyd and Ted Eckett were the picks of the Rambler bowling with excellent display of respective fast-medium and spin bowling.  That said Fergus Boyd’s first wicket came from an “intended” slower ball that looped over the ducking batsman’s back to hit the top of leg stump on the full – much to the delight of Ed Maidment at slip!  

Whilst talking of Ted Eckett it would be remiss of me not to mention his fielding.  Never has there been a Rambler who let some many runs through what looked like a perfect “long barrier!”

Needless to say this hyperbole is mere filling for the highlight of the game.  When the Senior Don of Jazz Cricket P.R. Carroll (IZ) came out to bat at No.8 the Rambler skipper duly came onto bowl…..P.R. Carroll – bowled A.P.L Carroll – 0 !!

Sadly its was not enough and the Ramblers were defeated by 3 wickets but a fun day all round with a good old fashioned knees up at the Admiral Owen in Sandwich after.