9 July 1967 v Radley Rangers

Reward for this victory, described by Buns as ‘somewhat inglorious’ was an away trip to Radley. Another glorious day, an even flatter wicket and opponents who included the finest all-rounder ever to play in the competition, and an inevitable run feast. For various reasons five changes were made, Lomax, Daniels Pugh, Hill-Wood and Gunnery replacing Wigan, Dunning (who never played in the competition again) Ingleby-Mackenzie, Wolfe-Murray and Dick Robins.

Henry Blofeld gave us a magnificent start and with he and Ian Lomax in full flow a competitive score seemed possible. But after what Henry in The Cricketer described as a ‘misunderstanding with his captain’ he was run out. Despite cameos from Tom Pugh, Peter Hill-Wood, in particular Cedric Gunnery, resplendent in his panama hat, all backed by a solid innings from Rupert Daniels, 234 for 5 was never going to be enough. The Radley openers raised 55 in nine overs and then came Dexter, Duff and defeat, with three overs to go.


Buns wrote ‘After a delightful day at Radley, where we were treated most kindly, we were badly beaten by the Rangers, led by E.R. Dexter. We did poorly and the less said the better”