29 July 1966 v Bryanston Butterflies

The weekend of the 1966 Football World Cup Final left the Ramblers one short for the annual Dorset weekend – a shortage which was kindly made up by the opposition.

The Ramblers were desperately short of bowling, with only captain Brian Stevens having bowled regularly prior to the match and on losing the toss the Ramblers prepared for a long day in the field.

From just before noon until the end of the innings at 3.30 off spinner Christopher Horne – who had taken the princely total of  three wickets in his first two Rambler seasons bowled 27 overs into the wind, while Stevens kept matters very tight at the other end. The remarkable result was that all the chances offered were caught and Butterflies made 171 all out leaving plenty of time for Hugh Chapman, a far better bowler than Horne, to bowl the Ramblers out.

Immediately after tea the Ramblers were 52 for 5, and for the next twenty minutes the Ramblers made little progress until Horne took the view that as far as Chapman was concerned he stood no hope of batting out time and in two overs slogging changed the match.

Jerry Carr stayed with him as an undefeated 120 was added for the sixth wicket and the Ramblers were home by five wickets and, as far as is recorded, no Rambler has before or since taken nine wickets in an innings and made 50 in the same match.