24 June 1907 v Eton College

Played on Agar’s Plough June 24 and 25 1907

This match was absolutely ruined by the weather. It began in a cold wind and ended in pouring rain; we believe we are right in saying that the sun never once shone throughout the two days. Less than half of the allotted time was fit for play; but this was long enough for a very creditable performance by the School, who, at the close of play, led by over 100 runs on the first innings, with six wickets still to go.

The Ramblers won the toss but began badly, as , after scoring 3, Tufton was very well caught at point by Bury. Hoare and Churchill then made a good stand, Hoare scoring very fast. When Churchill was bowled, he and Wright made a short stand until Hoare was smartly taken at slip, and soon after Wright was caught by Gibson off Windsor-Clive, who was bowling very steadily. No other stand was made and as Mitchell and Farmer arrived late the innings closed at 1.30 for 143.

The best of our bowlers was Windsor Clive, and Curtis, though not very steady, sent down some good balls. Gibson kept wicket very well and made three catches.

The school innings started disastrously to the bowling of Howard-Smith and Lyttelton, Lyttelton taking a wicket in each of his first two overs with remarkably good balls. Gibson came in and made three or four beautiful shots; his 16 was made up of two fives a four and a two, Mulholland and Bury stayed together a long while, but the former did nearly all the scoring while Bury was rather lucky. He was bowled by a good ball from Hatfeild after scoring 14. When Naylor came in the scoring became faster than ever, Mulholland making some splendid drives and leg hits. Naylor played very well indeed, and the pair brought the total to just past the century before Naylor was stumped. Stumps were then drawn for the night, Mulholland’s total being 94 not out.

The next day only half an hour’s play was possible, during which Mulholland and Windsor-Clive added 50 to the score. Both were undefeated at the end. Windsor-Clive hit hard and well, but was lucky in getting some very loose balls. Mulholland is to be heartily congratulated on the best and highest innings played for the School this year.

(From the Eton College Chronicle)