17th June 2018 v Gentlemen of Essex

There have been so many disastrous Rambler Match managers over the years that it would be a herculean task – and very difficult to assess – to determine the worst of them. Certainly from those involved it is agreed that Alex Willan, the manager of the 2018 match against the very convivial Gents of Essex is high amongst them.

Ten days before the match he appears to have found no players at all; he does not play any Rambler cricket outside his match ( in which he is not alone) so it is unsurprising that he received no applicants, and walked away with a request that the match be cancelled.

Without going into the full amount of work that was necessary a match did take place between a most appropriately described “Eton Mess” and the Gents did take place and a good time was had by all.

A new match manager has been appointed for 2019 and it is to be hoped that Ramblers will apply early to ensure – that for the first time in some years – a full representative Rambler side appears again at Rochford.